Your baby starts binge watching Chef's Table. Now what?

I don't need to tell you guys this but parenting is hard.

This nonstop responsibility thing is hard work and now your baby is ready for food.

You absolutely can make all the baby food you want; that is awesome and can be super fun. You can experiment with what your child likes and play around with combos. This is what I did with Fred.

But I had time to do that - others don't. Some people hate cooking (*gasp*) and don't want to spend time peeling carrots when they can be doing something else with the child. That is cool. I get that. That is why I wanted Fred Fred to be an option for you.

Fred Fred = Small batches made specially for you and your baby, using organic fruit and vegetables to give the best start in life while getting all the plant nutrients in.

It buys you a little time, gives you some peace of mind when we really don't have get too much of that. It is easy, convenient and good for your baby. Throw it in the freezer and use as and when needed. Simple.

So I hope Fred Fred can help you out - maybe give you 5 minutes back to drink coffee while it is hot, eat with 2 hands or whatever you need. Let us know what you think x

Skye (aka Fred's Mum).

#first1000days #babyfood

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